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7 secrets of eating on campus

August 27, 2016

Engage taste buds, save money and learn what the insiders know

If your stomach rumbles while you’re at Johnson County Community College, you could always hop into your car and head to a nearby restaurant. There are good ones nearby, to be sure. But if you haven’t sampled what JCCC Dining Services has to offer, you’re missing out. Here, from people who know, are some quick tips for eating on campus.

7. Firehouse Subs (and chili).

JCCC has excellent restaurant offerings, including Pizza Hut and Chick-Fil-A, but the newest choice is Firehouse Subs. Order a sandwich or grab one already prepared. The food court storefront is the only Firehouse Subs restaurant on a college campus. Jay Glatz, dining services director, recommends the Firehouse chili.

Firehouse Subs

6. Omelets.

The magic only happens on Wednesday morning. Ellie Crevier is training with Em Smail, dining services supervisor, to create an omelet worth waiting for. Stop by the food court and choose from a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables. Ellie is looking to break Em’s record for the number of omelets in one morning (87). Stop by and help her out!

Omelet station

5. A “hidden” dining area (and don’t call it a cafeteria).

After a few days on campus, most diners know about the food court, but fewer discover another place to eat one floor below the food court. Called Down Under for its basement location, it’s easy to miss. But if you’re looking for satisfying meals, Down Under is where to go. The place offers meat-and-potato favorites as well as international dishes, depending on the menu, which changes daily. Access it online.

Down Under

4. Muffins, pastry, cookies, cake…

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, check out the muffins (blueberry, banana nut, cranberry orange and coffee-flavored) at the coffee shops. Encore! Espresso is located on the first floor of the Carlsen Center; Vibe is on the third floor of CLB; and javajazz@jccc is near the food court on Commons 1.5. Fresh-baked cookies are available in the food court (near the toaster), and they’re worth buying milk for.

Muffins, pastries, cookies

3. Sunflower salad.

The specially made sunflower vinaigrette on this salad is a love letter to Kansas. Crisp field greens combine with toasted sunflower seeds and feta cheese. Add chicken or steak for a tasty meal at Café Tempo, located between the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and the Regnier Center.

Sunflower salad

2. Lunch with the Chefs.

One day a month, the chefs slaving away in the basement of the Commons bring their A+ game to the food court. The gourmet-food menu has a theme. It also usually comes with dessert! Look for posters and signs advertising upcoming Lunch with the Chefs events during the year.

Lunch with the Chefs station

1. Friday is half-price salad bar.

Load up a container of greens, plop on some protein and do two good things: save money and eat healthy. Go early for the best selection, as Friday’s a popular day at the salad bar.

Salad bar