I-20 Timeline for Visa Applicants

I-20 Waiting Timeline after Application to JCCC

The table below will help all F-1 visa applicants determine the approximate time to receive their I-20 after the application process.

Weeks/Months/Days Before Classes Begin

Timeline of Tasks to be Completed by JCCC New F-1 Visa Admission Applicants

6-8 Months Apply for admission online
6-8 Months Receive a general admission acceptance email from JCCC
4-6 Month Submit required I-20 documentation and make arrangements as to how the I-20 will be sent to you
4-12 Months Complete an English proficiency exam
2-4 Months Wait for your I-20 is issued by JCCC
2-4 Months Schedule a visa interview
2-4 Months Contact the JCCC Homestay Coordinator if you intend to live with a U.S. host family
2-4 Months Receive your I-20 by mail
2-4 Months Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee
2-4 Months Make travel arrangements for travel to the U.S.
1-2 Months Review the pre-arrival information.
5-6 Weeks Prepare for your visa interview by reviewing 
2-6 Weeks Interview for your F-1 visa
2-4 Weeks Travel to US (Enter up to 30 days before the start date noted under Item 5 on the I-20.)
2-4 Weeks Go to the JCCC International and Immigrant Student Services office in COM 306 to complete new student check-in tasks.
2-4 Weeks Undergo a tuberculosis examination in the United States and submit your results to the International and Immigrant Student Services office.
2-4 Weeks Sit for the JCCC Placement Exam
2-4 Weeks Enroll in classes
3-5 Days Attend the New F-1/M-1 and Visa Student Orientation