Transfer I-20 Admission Requirements

To be Admitted and Receive an I-20 for a Transfer Student the Following Requirements Must be Met:

Satisfy the following requirements in order to be admitted and issued an I-20 to apply for an F-1 visa.
  1. Complete the Application for Admission
  2. Submit Secondary School Documentation
  3. Submit English Proficiency Documentation
  4. Submit Financial documentation
  5. Submit Transfer Form (PDF)
  6. Submit Unofficial U.S. Transcripts
  7. Submit Tuberculosis Exam Results

JCCC is required to verify each credit I-20 applicant’s English proficiency, finances and secondary/high school education before issuing a form I-20. The deadlines below have been established in an effort to allow adequate time for document verification and processing as well as visa interviews, travel and adjustment to life in the US before classes begin.

Transfer Eligibility Form

This JCCC form must be completed by the student and signed by the designated school official (DSO) or international student advisor at the institution where the student is currently enrolled.

Start early if you are outside the United States

If you are a transfer or new I-20 student outside the U.S. you can begin this process early so you may be able to enroll before you arrive in the U.S.

Deadlines for Admission

You should apply as early as possible. Submitting an online application for admission as early as one year in advance will ensure you your admission file will be opened and JCCC will begin corresponding with you regarding your intention to become a JCCC student. The following deadlines for all the completed documents are required to ensure the I-20 will be issued for the semester listed bellow.

May 1 (fall semester begins in mid-August)
October 1 (spring semester begins in mid-January)
March 1 (summer term begins the first week of June)

Completing your Application

Refer to the JCCC admission process for all status types.

Waiting Period to Receive I-20

This table will help you determine when you will receive your I-20, after your application is received, so you can apply for an F-1 visa.

Weeks/Months/Days Before Classes Begin

Timeline of Tasks to be Completed by JCCC Transfer I-20 Applicants

2-3 months Apply for admission online
2-3 months Contact the JCCC Homestay coordinator if you intend to live with a U.S. host family
5-14 days after you apply online Receive a general admission acceptance email from JCCC
1-2 months Submit required I-20 admission documentation
1 month Undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test in the United Sates if you have not had one in the last two years. Submit your TB results to the International and Immigrant Student Services office.
1 month Complete the JCCC Placement Exam
1 month - 2 weeks Enroll in classes
3-5 days Attend the F-1 and M-1 Visa Student Orientation at which your new JCCC I-20 will be released to you