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Concurrent I-20 Admission Requirements

Deadlines for Admission

There is no admission deadline for concurrent I-20 applicants. We recommend full admission a couple of months prior to the start of the semester.

Concurrent enrollment eligibility:

  • Have an I-20 and maintain status at another institution.
  • Intend to study part-time at JCCC.

Admission and Documentation Requirements for Concurrent Enrollment

  1. Apply and indicate that you are a non-degree-seeking student
  2. Required Status Documentation
    • I-20
    • Passport
  3. Submit Unofficial US Transcripts
  • Submit unofficial transcripts from a U.S. college or university documenting you have completed the equivalent of JCCC’s English 121 (Composition I) with a grade of D or higher or you may take the JCCC English as a Second Language Placement Exam.
  1. Complete JCCC New Student Online Orientation

To enroll in a class that has a prerequisite, you are required to submit your official transcript. Official transcripts must be mailed or emailed directly from your institution to JCCC Admissions.

When submitting documents to the IISS office, advise IISS staff that you are a concurrent (visiting) student.

For more information about enrolling, contact the IISS office.