International and Immigrant Students Do Not Bring These Items to the United States

Do not bring the following with you to the United States

  1. Valuables - Do not bring anything you would hate to lose.
    • Leave at home: Valuable or expensive-looking jewelry
    • Irreplaceable family objects
    • All unnecessary credit cards
    • Social Security card, library card, and similar items that may be in your wallet.
  2. Cold Weather Clothing - If you are not from a cold climate, consider waiting until you have arrived to Kansas to buy most of your warm clothes.
  3. Toiletries - Do not bring toiletry articles, camera film etc. They may not be allowed or they are readily available and they take up precious space and add weight to your suitcase.
  4. Books - Do not try to bring a lot of books with you unless they are essential for your travel or immediately upon your arrival. Most books are readily available for purchase in the U.S. You will likely save money by purchasing these items when you arrive rather than paying extra to bring them in your luggage.
  5. Umbrella and Rain Jacket - These will be used infrequently and can be purchased in the United States
  6. Copies of Documents and Your Travel Itinerary - Leave a copy of the itinerary with family or friends at home in case they need to contact you in an emergency.
    • Make two photocopies of the passport identification page, airline tickets, driver’s license, traveler’s checks with their serial numbers and the credit cards you plan to take.
    • Leave one copy of each with family or friends at home.