Pending Residents, Asylum and Refugee Applicants

Requirements for applicants who hold asylum or refugee status or who have applied for a green card.

Admission Requirements

You must satisfy the following three requirements to be admitted and issued an I-20 to transfer to JCCC.

  1. Apply
  2. Submit status documentation.
  3. Satisfy the foreign transcript requirements.

Admission Deadlines

There is not an admission deadline for asylum, refugee and pending permanent resident applicants. However, JCCC begins enrolling as early as five months before a semester begins so to be admitted in time to enroll in the class you want, you should apply and satisfy all pre-enrollment requirements early.

Notification of Receipt of Admission Application

If you believe you should have received a receipt notification email from JCCC and have not, should email International and Immigrant Student Services or by phone at 913-469-7680 to inquire.

  • Some email servers recognize JCCC email as spam or junk/garbage mail and automatically reject it. Should you not receive an acceptance notification due to a server rejection or for any other reason, a manual message or letter may be sent.


You may choose to submit proof of Kansas Residence by submitting the Residency Documentation and Appeal Form by the deadline provided on the appeal form.