Placement Exams for International and Immigrant Students

Placement Exams

After receiving your I-20 consult with the IISS office, you may be required to complete one or more of the following before you can enroll:

  1. Take the placement examination.
    • You will see this requirement listed on your MyJCCC student account either under “Holds” as illustrated below or under your “Admission Requirements.”
    • You need to complete the placement exam as soon as possible. They are only offered in-person in JCCC Testing Services and are not available online. Testing Services provides when and how to study for the exam. Immediately after you complete an exam a printout of your scores will be given to you.
    • Any assessment holds will be removed if you meet the required scores
      Provide ACT scores no more than three years old at the time they are submitted documenting you achieved a score of 19 or higher on the English portion and 26 or higher on the mathematics portion of the examination.
      Submit U.S. college transcripts documenting you earned a grade of D or better in the equivalent of JCCC’s English Composition I class and a grade of C or better in the equivalent of JCCC College Algebra course. Allow up to 14 business days for processing before the business holds will be removed.
  2. If you are applying for a change of status submit additional documentation.
  3. Make an appointment with an academic counselor.

If the above requirements are not met, you may be required to speak with a counselor before enrollment and/or enroll in one or more prescribed courses.

Re-Test for the Placement Exams

You may take for the placement exam once and then take one re-test during the same term. If you are dissatisfied with your first re-test score you are required to wait until the next consecutive term before you will be eligible to take another re-test. You may only take one placement re-test per term.

Placement Test Holds

You should take the required placement tests as soon as possible, because you will not be allowed to enroll, until this hold has been satisfied. Placement tests are only offered in-person in the Testing Center, so you will need to make arrangements with them about the date and time you are able to take the tests. Results for your placement exam will be available immediately after your exam is completed. You will receive a copy of your scores and your placement holds will be removed.

General Admission Questions

You may contact International and Immigrant Student Services in-person, by email or by phone.