Railroad Science

Railroad Science

The National Academy of Railroad Sciences (NARS), a partnership of JCCC and BNSF Railway, offers training for aspiring railroad workers as well as those already employed in the industry.

Aspiring Railroad Workers

At NARS you can learn the skills to become a highly qualified and technically trained conductor, locomotive electrician, machinist, signalman, freight car repairman or welder. You'll participate in immersive hands-on training with high-tech, industry-standard equipment.

Job Prospects for Railroad Workers

The U.S. Department of Labor compiles statistics on the careers involving railroad science. You'll find information specifically related to careers in Kansas, including salary information and the job prospects.

Industry Employees

Those already working in the industry or on private track can also take advantage of our classes and programs to comply with FRA, OSHA, BNSF or employer requirements while enhancing their career prospects.