Donnie Byers

The following information comes from the named instructor and should describe characteristics general to courses as taught by this instructor. Individual sections of specific courses will deviate from this description in some respects.

Class Format

Face-to-face sections are typically moderately-paced, whole group sessions with some small group work will emphasis conceptual understanding and applications of the concepts learned. Students are encouraged to participate. Online lectures are provided but not mandatory for the F2F class. Worksheets are usually done in-class each day for a check of your understanding of the material covered and you will complete homework in an online program. You will complete assignments handed out in class. There are frequent quizzes and 5 unit exams plus a cumulative final exam. You are required to enroll in the corresponding Chem 125 section.

The online section of Chem 124-350 (the lecture section) is completely online. You will watch lecture videos, and take quizzes over those videos. Many resources are provided for your benefit that are not required or graded. You are required to attend an online chat session once a week. Those sessions are usually Sunday and Tuesday evening from 7 – 8 PM. Those dates and times are subject to change. You will participate in discussions for each chapter covered. Each unit has a Unit review that must be completed and end-of-chapter problems from the textbook that are worked out on paper. These two documents must be scanned into an Adobe .pdf document and then uploaded into a dropbox in the course LMS (D2L). There are 5 Unit exams and a required cumulative final exam that are taken in the testing center over a three day range Exams are not available to be taken on Saturdays. You are required to attend the corresponding Chem 125 laboratory section.

Resource Use

A required textbook will be used. A required online homework program – OWL – will be used. You will be required to purchase a 2 inch 3-ring binder for the class. You will need a non-programmable scientific calculator for the class.


I will use the adopted textbook for this course. Information about the book can be found on the College bookstore site.

Online homework

You will be required to do a large portion of your homework online in OWL.


A detailed daily assignment sheet is given to you at the beginning of the class. This schedule is for the F2F class but I encourage the online class to use this as a guide to where they should be at any one time in the semester. Homework assignments are listed there. For the F2F class, homework is collected often and graded in addition to the online homework that you will do. Grades are weighted with homework and quizzes 20%, Unit Exams – 60% and the final exam – 20%. All exams are part of your grade. Once the exam is taken it will count towards your overall grade. No exams are dropped or replaced in this class.

Homework Policy

Homework is assigned often and graded. Homework is an important part of your learning. Your homework grade will consist of the online homework grade plus the frequent in-class assignments for the F2F class. For the online class, discussions are part of the homework grade.

I do not accept late work for any reason. I do drop assignments at the end of the semester to take into consideration those times that you just cannot get the assignments done on time. If you are going to miss a class, you can scan and send the assignment to me by the time that the class is scheduled to start.

Attendance Policy

I will take attendance each day. You will be dropped if you do not attend a class in the first two weeks of class and if you do not attend a lab session in that same time period. Attendance will not be a part of your grade per se but if you do not attend class, you will miss valuable information. This may lead to a lower semester grade than you could have gotten if you had attend class regularly.


I am on class most of the time during a normal working day – 9 AM – 5 PM. I have 5 hours of scheduled office hours. I will meet with you at a time that we both agree on outside of class. For the online section, I am available in the chat room 2 hours per week. I will do my best to find a time to meet with you if you are interested in meeting with me.