Trustee Emeritus Operating Procedure 116.00

Johnson County Community College
Series: 100 Board of Trustees
Section: Trustee Emeritus

Cross-Reference: Trustee Emeritus Policy 116.00

The following procedures are enacted in accordance with Board Policy 116.00, Trustee Emeritus.


Any former member of the Board of Trustees is eligible to be nominated and considered for the status of Trustee Emeritus. This designation is intended to represent a high honor for a former trustee who has demonstrated significant contributions to the college and the community as a trustee, regardless of length of service.

Nomination Procedure

A nomination for Trustee Emeritus can be submitted for any former Board member. Nomination for Trustee Emeritus will not be accepted for any actively serving Board member.

Any current member of the Board of Trustees may submit a nomination for Trustee Emeritus status to the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Any college employee or community member wishing to recommend a nomination for Trustee Emeritus status may submit such recommendation to the college President. The college President will review the recommendation and will forward it to the Chair of the Board of Trustees as an official nomination if he/she determines it appropriate to do so. No nomination for Trustee Emeritus will be considered by the Board of Trustees unless it has been submitted to the Chair by a Board member or the college President.

Such nomination or recommendation for nomination shall be submitted by written communication that will include the date of the nomination, the name of the trustee to be nominated, and a brief statement regarding the reason(s) for the nomination, and shall be signed by the person(s) submitting the nomination.

Board of Trustees Review
A nomination received by the Board Chair for Trustee Emeritus status will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees as a confidential communication in the monthly Board packet binder.

The Board Chair shall then appoint an ad hoc review panel consisting of three (3) Board members to discuss and deliberate on the nomination, and to make a report and recommendation to the Board. The deliberation period of the ad hoc review panel shall be for a period of not less than thirty (30) calendar days to allow the panel adequate time for full evaluation of the nomination.

Following receipt of the report of the review panel, the Board may take action on the nomination, if appropriate, through a motion and vote. If the vote of the Board of Trustees is unanimous, the status of Trustee Emeritus shall be conferred.

Trustee Emeritus Benefits

Trustee Emeriti are welcome and encouraged to continue to participate in college activities and will be provided invitations to special college activities and events. In addition, Trustee Emeriti will be offered the same benefits that current Trustees receive.

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Revised: 12/11/2008