Code of Operations - Personnel Matters Policy 114.04

Johnson County Community College
Series: 100 Board of Trustees
Section: Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

1. The Board of Trustees must approve all new hires (414.01); as a part of that process the board approves the Staffing Authorization Table and any adjustment that may be determined necessary.

2. The Board of Trustees sets the yearly salary guidelines (418.00).

3. The Board of Trustees approves all leave requests for more than ten days for bargaining unit staff and more than twenty days for non-bargaining unit staff (419.12n).

4. The Board of Trustees approves recommendations for termination (415.08) and acts as the final hearing tribunal on those recommendations should an individual appeal (416.02). As such, the individual board members should disassociate themselves from the administrative recommendation until the time of the hearing.

(a) Board members should direct all employee questions and comments and their own to administration for review and action until the hearing.

(b) The board must act; an individual board member must be ever vigilant that an action or comment not be construed as independent of the board. Such action can put the individual board member in jeopardy legally and pre-empt college legal action.

5. Board of Trustees members should address personnel issues through the President's Office or through the Human Resources Committee; however, should a board member have knowledge of and/or a concern with a personnel issue in the board packet the board member should request an executive session for discussion of the issue.

Date of Adoption: 01/06/1994